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"Read this book for the latest scoop on the evolutionary origins of your sins"

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"Tips on problematic behaviors."

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"Today, the hunter-gatherer orders a pizza"

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"manipulate ourselves to be healthy, moderate and moral"

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"a fascinating look at our aboriginal dark side"

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"Burnham and Phelan explore a host of deadly sins"

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 "Mean Genes is brilliant—well-grounded evolutionary biology, clear-eyed realism, and advice that is both practical and moral. Delightfully readable."

E.O. Wilson, author of On Human Nature and Consilience


"Warning! You will not be able to put this book down! It will change your life. A witty, wise, and irreverent work by two highly regarded scholars."

Irven DeVore, Professor of Anthropology and Biology, Harvard University


"In Mean Genes, Charles Darwin meets Dear Abby. Humorous, startling and provocative, Mean Genes offers expert behavioral science and a radical view of the meaning of life."

Richard Wrangham, co-author of Demonic Males


"Hip, fun, and packed with attitude, Mean Genes is a laser-guided surgical strike in the self-control battles we fight every day. Burnham and Phelan not only unmask the devil inside us, they hand us the tools to disarm him."

Robert Frank, Professor of Economics, Cornell University, and author of Luxury Fever